Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wine Home Decor

Due to the increasing popularity of wine appreciation, homeowners are adding wine theme décor to their kitchens. As with any other particular theme decor, if not properly done, it can make the kitchen look garish.

Natural rustic materials such as stone and Tuscan paint colors like oatmeal, terra cotta, warm yellow compliment a wine theme kitchen décor.

When choosing wine theme kitchen accessories, keep it simple – few ceramics, a decorative bottle and some kitchen towels. You want your kitchen to look classy and chic and not over the top. If done well, the kitchen should resemble a rural country home rather than a wine store.

Extra large. 100% cotton kitchen towels with hand-stitched appliques

Looking Forward to Spring

It may only just be the end of February but, already, my thoughts are turning to spring - brightness, freshness and renewal.
In the home, there's a multitude of ways to add a splash of color and a stamp of personal style, at the same time. I decided to start with my guest bathroom. Being that the walls are pale green, I brought a dash of bold and darker hue with these vibrant colored washcloths and felt containers.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Importance of a Gift Bag

First impressions are very important as they can attract, excite or disappoint recipients instantly. The packaging is important as it presents the good will, value, and emotions of the giver. Therefore, a high quality gift bag is just as important as the gift inside.